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7 Powerful Keys to Lose Weight

Today I’m sharing seven powerful keys to losing weight from Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez Arias. He eats a plant-based diet and has a lot of useful information, so follow him everywhere! We made a Facebook Live in NYC and it was so successful that I decided to share it here and on YouTube.

Weight loss can be a tough subject. You want to lose weight, so you try various diets, but they don’t work, and you end up feeling confused and unmotivated. Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, restrictive or painful. In fact, it can be fun and full of abundant, delicious, plant-based meals! Here are seven powerful keys to losing weight the healthy way. Feel great and look great!

1) Eat high-fiber foods.

Plant-based whole foods are high in fiber, which will keep you full and help the elimination process. They are also easy to digest, meaning your body can direct its energy into detoxifying and healing. High-fiber, plant-based foods have the amount of calories your body needs, so they fill your stomach and send signals to your brain to let you know you’re satiated without the problem of overeating.

2) Avoid oils at all costs

(even supposedly healthful ones like olive and coconut). Oil is a concentrated form of fat. Just 1-2 tablespoons of oil add 125-250 extra calories, all of which come from fat. Instead of oils, use nuts, seeds, avocado or coconut for extra creaminess. These contain not only fat, but also other essential nutrients, fiber and even water. Wondering how you’ll cook your meals? Try sautéing with water instead of oil (it really works!) and baking without oil too. It will still taste delicious!

3) Do strength exercises.

Creating muscle is essential for weight loss, because when you build muscle, your metabolism automatically becomes faster. Our muscles extract more glucose and fat than any other body part, so when you build muscle, you automatically burn more fat and calories. Do strength exercises at least three times a week.

4) Always eat breakfast.

This will help minimize those midday and late-night cravings. When you start you day off with a nourishing breakfast full of fiber, you’re pumped with energy, satiated and less likely to turn to junk food or overeating. Eating breakfast also helps jumpstart your metabolism. By eating it regularly, you train your body that there’s food coming, so it uses energy freely rather than storing it as fat.

5) Eat raw fruits or veggies before a meal.

Raw fruits and veggies are high in water and fiber, which help you digest the rest your cooked food better. Raw vegan foods are also lower in calories, so eating them before your meal prevents you from overeating higher-calorie foods. This speeds up the weight loss process.

6) Eat an early dinner.

Ideally, eat dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep. At the end of the day, your body begins to slow down and you use less energy. Eating earlier gives your body the chance to digest the food before you go to sleep. Try it for a week and you’ll see incredible results!

7) Drink lots of water!

I know I say it all the time, but I’ll say it again. Hydration is so important when trying to lose weight. The high-sodium foods we may eat cause our bodies to retain liquids. Drinking more water allows your body to release that excess water weight.

These are seven easy but very powerful keys to losing weight. With these tips in mind, plan out your meals and exercises into a routine that is realistic for you. Remember, small changes every day lead to big results in the end. Before you know it, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

Please share this information if it was useful to you and spread the love. You can help so many along the way!

Love always ❤️



Huge thanks to Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez Arias! You can check him out on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drmauriciogonzalezarias/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.mauriciogonzalez/

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