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Q: I did not receive my order confirmation email. What do I do?
A: Check your spam or junk folder for your email confirmation and shipping notifications. If you have a Gmail account, check your “Promotions” folder too.

  • It can take up to 20 minutes to receive your email confirmation.
  • If you entered an incorrect email address during your purchase, you will need to contact the Help Center to fix the problem. Be sure to provide the details of your order on the request form.

Q: My credit card is not working. What do I do?

  • Solution 1: Are you entering your correct billing address, three-digit code (from the back of your card), and expiration date? Only 100% accurate information can be processed.
  • Solution 2: Try a different credit card, or contact your credit card company (or bank) to ask them to allow transactions from Rawvana Inc.
  • Solution 3: If you’ve tried to purchase with a credit card and you can’t get it to work, try using PayPal without a credit card.

Info: Unfortunately, we can’t provide further help with credit card or PayPal problems. You will need to contact PayPal or your credit card company or bank for help.

Q: Can I buy the eBook in my country?
A: All eBooks are available for purchase worldwide.

Q: Can I get a physical book?
A: All eBooks are only sold in electronic format. eBooks are digital products and can be viewed only on electronic devices.

Q: How do I access my eBook?
A: You’re able to access the eBook immediately upon completing your purchase by logging into your account.

Q: I did not receive the invite email for the Facebook group. What do I do?
A: Check your spam or junk folder for your email invitation. If you have a Gmail account, check your “Promotions” folder too.

Facebook invites are sent within 24 hours of your purchase, so please be patient! 🙂

  • The eBook is in PDF format and is interactive on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops with a supported PDF viewer.
  • Interactive elements make navigation a breeze on iOS & Android!
  • It may take up to 20 minutes to download the eBook.
  • All videos in the eBook require a fast internet connection on your viewing device. To watch these videos, you’ll need to log into the account you created during your purchase.


For easy continued access to your eBook, download it to your computer and/or mobile device. We recommend using a PDF-friendly application such as DropBox or iBooks.


  1. Upon downloading the eBook PDF file, the Safari web browser will open.
  2. Tap the Share icon .
  3. Tap “Copy to iBooks” to open the attachment in iBooks.

Alternatively, you can save your eBook to the Dropbox app on your mobile device.


Upon clicking the download link, your eBook PDF file will be downloaded to your device’s “downloads” folder. To ensure all links and interactive features function properly, open the eBook PDF file from within the Adobe Reader app.

Alternatively, you can save your eBook to the Dropbox app on your mobile device.

At this time, Google Play Books may not support hyperlinks in PDF format.

Apple (iPhone/iPad):

Q: When viewing an eBook, I cannot press the “play” button to watch the videos.
A: You are most likely viewing the eBook in the Safari web browser, which does not support opening embedded PDF links. If the eBook opens in Safari, tap the screen to view the option to open it in iBooks instead. If you don’t have the iBooks app for iOS, download and install it.

Q: I downloaded the eBook, but I cannot find the downloaded item.
A: If you closed the eBook PDF file without opening it in iBooks, it gets deleted from Safari, and you will need to download it again. After doing so, if you view the eBook PDF file in Safari, make sure to tap the screen to view the option to open it in iBooks.


Q: I cannot open the video links on my Android device.
A: Make sure to open the eBook with Adobe Reader or save it to Dropbox. Download and install the Adobe Reader app if you don’t already have it. If you still have issues, try using Dropbox instead.

Q: I tried opening the eBook inside the download folder on Android, but it says the file cannot be opened.
A: Open the eBook pdf file from within Adobe Reader. To do this, first open Adobe Reader, then navigate to open the file (located in the downloads folder). If you still have issues with Adobe Reader, open the eBook with Foxit MobilePDF reader or any other app with PDF and hyperlink compatibility.

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Q: How soon will my order be shipped, and how long will it take to receive my order?
A: Please allow up to two business days for orders to be processed (if you order on Monday, your order should ship out by Wednesday). For shipments within the USA and Canada, please allow 3-5 days for delivery. For international shipments, please allow 7-10 days for delivery. On rare occasions, international shipping may take longer due to delays caused by the destination country’s customs clearance processes

Q: Where can I track my order?
A: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number for the shipment by email to the address you provided during checkout. Tracking numbers become active after the carrier scans the package into the system, which can take up to a full business day.

Q: I ordered eBooks and apparel/accessories. Why didn’t I receive my eBook with the order?
A: Because eBooks are digital books, they will not be shipped. To get yours, go to your account profile (log in first), where you can download and save your eBooks for future use.

Q: Where can I find the return policy and full terms and conditions?
A: Click here for the Terms and Conditions and return policy

If your question isn’t addressed, feel free to get in touch!

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