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Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

The holiday season is here us and I’m here to give you some conscious and healthy gift ideas! I’ve gathered my favorite products and even found some discount codes so you can find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list this year, no matter your budget!

Healthy lifestyle

Nama Juicer
I’ve been juicing for the last 7 years and finally found a juicer that exceeds all my expectations! It does an amazing job at extracting everything it can from the fruits and veggies and keeps the freshness for longer. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this product and the great thing is, it does not only make juices it can also make smoothies, nut-milks and sorbets. YUM!

Discount code: Yovana10
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I’ve been taking Organifi products since 2019 and I really love their high quality and taste. They have so many amazing organic superfood blends that have helped me stay healthy and energized throughout the day. My favorites are the chocolate and vanilla proteins (which I put a scoop in all of my smoothies) and the green and red juice powder (always take them with me when I travel for a healthy boost). They taste delicious, digest well and just really are a great product overall!

Discount code: Yovana
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DYLN bottle
If you follow me on instagram (@yovana) you may have seen my obsession with this water bottle. It not only keeps you hydrated and reduces plastic waste, it creates Alkaline Water on the go with a VitaBead Diffuser filled with minerals that increases your water’s to a pH of up to 9+. It comes in a variety of different colors, sizes and has different accessories so you can choose the perfect one for that special someone.

Discount code: Yovana10
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Vitamix Blender
I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again BEST BLENDER EVER! Vitamix blenders are built to last for a very long time and are great for making all kinds of recipes from chunky salsas to smoother smoothies.The perfect gift for a fellow cooking lover!

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Kalan Wafers
I often get asked what’s my favorite healthy snack and I’m so happy to share with you guys that I’ve found it! Delicious flavor, healthy ingredients, perfect for on the go, so it’s a win-win-win treat. These wafers are made with all natural ingredients, they have over 10 different flavors like matcha and golden milk (my fav) and only 96 calories, can’t get any better than this!

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My E-books
Many years ago I discovered a healthy way of living, it completely changed me for the better and I want YOU to experience it! A great way to do it is through my e-books, with delicious healthy recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, fitness plans, motivation and more, they are a great tool to help you on your transformation journey, to cleanse your body, lose weight and learn to love yourself.

Discount code: CYBER2020
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Running Shoes
I recently rediscovered my love for running, it gives me so much energy and makes me feel great! While there is no one shoe fits all, a good pair of running shoes is a must. These Nike Flyknits are my favorites, apart from being so cute they provide great protection, stability and arch support. I can see how I’ve improved my performance just by training in them.

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Yoga Mat
Over the years as a workout junkie I’ve tried so many mats and this one has become an essential part of my fitness life. It’s made with eco-friendly materials, it has a non-slip texture that gives me excellent traction and grip and it’s so lightweight, perfect to take with me wherever I go.

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Ankle Weights
I’ve realized that when I have a cute outfit on and my accessories are beautiful and functional and I’m more motivated to workout. That is what happens to me with these ankle weights, I get so excited and can’t wait to use them on my daily fitness routines.

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Home & Accessories

Bamboo Bed Sheets
Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for our health and wellbeing. These 100% bamboo sheets are softer than cotton, so breathable, hypoallergenic and perfect for all year around! Help someone reduce stress and improve their mood by enhancing their quality of sleep with these sheets.

Discount code: YOVANA
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Caraway Cookware Set
Meet my new favorite non-toxic cookware set, these high quality and gorgeous pans are chemical-free, made from 100% natural ceramic, and ethically manufactured. I swear food even tastes better because cooking with non-toxic cookware ensures you’re only eating the ingredients you’ve added, and not any harmful chemicals. ⁣Starting today until Nov. 30, 2020 they’re having their ONLY SALE of the year and can get Up to 20% off!

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The Five Minute Journal
Total game changer! For the past year I’ve really pushed myself to meditate and introspect more often. When I discovered this journal it completely changed the way I do it. It has helped me be more centered, improve my relationships and shift my state of mind to being more positive. I can’t imagine my life without it.

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Black Sunglasses
Great gift for that fashionista in your life! You can never go wrong with black sunglasses and these are perfect for everyday wear, I can’t seem to take them off.

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Grace & Stella Under Eye
These firming, and hydrating under-eye eye patches are great stocking fillers! Everytime I put them on, my eyes feel so fresh and rejuvenated and I can know they are thanking me. They are great for reduction in fine lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles.

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I’ve been using all of these products for a long time and can really recommend them to you. Follow my instagram to see all of them in action and discover new ones with me! I know this year has been really hard for most of us but I hope this Holiday Season brings you joy.

I send you love and light,

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