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No-Cook Meal Prep

One of the big myths I hear is that going vegan takes too much time. Well, guess what? You can save time by prepping a week’s worth of meals in advance! Even better, these recipes don’t involve cooking, so you’re not heating the house or slaving over a hot stove.

Serves 1

Breakfast 1 (3 days): Overnight Oats With Chia

1.5 cups oats
6 tablespoons chía seeds
3 cups almond milk
4 tablespoons cinnamon
3/4 cup frozen berries
3 dates (optional)

Mix together all of the ingredients except the dates.
Divide the mixture between three mason jars. If there’s extra room in the bowls, top them off with more almond milk!

If you like more sweetness, add a diced date to each jar.

Breakfast 2 (4 days): Banana Papaya Smoothie

4 cups papaya
4 cups spinach
4 bananas
4 tablespoons flax seeds
4 cups almond milk

Cube the papaya.
Divide all of the ingredients except the almond milk evenly between four resealable plastic bags. Stick them in the freezer until you’re ready!
When it’s time for a smoothie, blend the contents of one bag with one cup of almond milk.

Lunch 1 (4 days): Garbanzo Ceviche

4 cups canned chickpeas
2 red bell peppers
3 tomatoes
2 zucchini
2 serrano peppers
cilantro to taste
1/2 red onion
3 limes
salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste
2 avocados

Check out my video featuring this recipe to learn exactly how to make it!

Lunch 2 (3 days): Green Bowl

1/4 cup tahini
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
1 lime
1 cucumber
2 carrots
2 green onions
2 cups edamame
3 cups spinach

Thoroughly mix together the tahini, mustard, and the juice from the lime to make a dressing.
Cube the cucumber. Shred the carrots. Chop the green onions.
Divide the ingredients evenly between three mason jars in this order: dressing, cucumber, edamame, carrot, green onion. Refrigerate, and just shake it up when you’re ready to eat!

Dinner 1 (3 days): Hummus Sandwiches

3 cups canned garbanzo beans
3 limes
3 tablespoons tahini
1 teaspoon garlic salt
6 slices of sourdough bread
1 cucumber

Blend together the garbanzo beans, the juice from the limes, the tahini, and the garlic salt. Add a little water if necessary!
Slice the cucumber.
When you’re ready for a sandwich, spread a third of the hummus across two slices of bread. Add two cucumber slices, close, and enjoy!

Dinner 2 (4 days): Broccoli Rice

3 heads of broccoli
6 tomatoes
1 orange bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
3 green onions
bunch of cilantro
3 lemons
1 avocado

Cut the broccoli into very small pieces. Finely chop the bell peppers. Dice the tomatoes. Mince the cilantro and green onion.
Mix the prepared vegetables with the juice from the lemons.
Divide the mixture between four containers. Refrigerate until ready to use, and eat each one with 1/4 avocado!

Snack (7 days): Fresh Fruit With Peanut Butter

Each day, enjoy either an apple or a banana with two tablespoons of peanut butter!

Easy, right?! You can do all of this in just a few hours, and you’ll have all your meals ready to go for the whole week. This is the perfect strategy when you’re trying to achieve your goal weight, too. Whether you want to gain muscle mass or lose fat, prepping your meals in advance ensures you have the perfect portion sizes ready to go, and helps you resist temptations to grab unhealthful foods.

If you want more guidance on losing weight and getting in shape, check out my 21-day weight loss and self-love challenge! It’s packed with great recipes like these, as well as workout routines that will help you create a body that looks and feels as amazing as you are.

Love you,


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