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Smoothie to Gain Muscle Mass

A few weeks ago, I was in Cancun visiting Miguel Bautista, a friend who’s the head chef and co-owner of Vegan Planet. Miguel is a renowned chef and health coach who has been vegetarian since birth and vegan for more than 20 years, so he has extensive knowledge about plant-based diets.

Serves 2

I’m often asked how to build muscle mass or gain weight on a vegan diet. Well, it’s actually fairly simple! First, you need to consume more calories than you burn. Second, you need to make smart food choices. Many people who want to gain body mass will go out and eat greasy, fatty foods to do it. The problem with these foods is that they’re full of empty calories and saturated fat that will harm your health and make you feel tired and heavy. This smoothie contains special ingredients that will help you gain body mass the healthy way, leaving you feeling amazing and energized!

½ cup raw oats
2 bananas
5 dates
1 tbsp chia seeds
½ avocado
1 ½ cups almond milk


  1. Pre-soak your oats in 1 cup water for 15-20 minutes to make them easier to blend and digest.
  2. Blend all of the ingredients together. You may add water to make the smoothie less thick, and ice to make it cold.
  3. Drink and enjoy! SO GOOD!!

Your Benefits:

  • Raw oats provide magnesium, fiber, plant-based protein, and potassium, and have no sugar.
  • Dates support regular bowel movements and guard against iron deficiency anemia.
  • Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Avocados are full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, the healthiest source of fat you can possibly eat.

Drink this smoothie for a filling breakfast, or pre/post workout. It’s super sweet and satiating, and will help you build body mass. I also recommend that you do strength exercises (like at-home bodyweight exercises) regularly, and definitely lift weights 2-5 times per week if you’re looking to build more muscle mass. Hope you like this recipe! Let me know in the comments below if you want more pre/post-workout meals.

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Connect with me and start your healthy lifestyle

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