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I’ve been juicing for the last 7 years and recently found the best juicer that exceeded all my expectations! I’m aware that a juicer is a great investment, so I’m giving you all the information you need to make the best decision below.

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Fast Centrifugal Juicer VS Slow Masticating Juicer

Fast Centrifugal Juicer

It’s a device with a blade that moves at high speeds to extract the juice from fruit and vegetables.


  1. It has two speeds and it’s very fast.
  2. Juice oxidizes quickly due to the high temperature at which it is processed.
  3. Lots of foam is generated, the juice is exposed to more air during the extraction process.
  4. Color is more opaque (due to oxidation, it loses vitamins, minerals and antioxidants)
  5. The pulp is liquid and comes out in very high quantities.
  6. Higher waste of vegetables (and money).
  7. Dangerous and exposed razor blade.
  8. The juice has clumps, traces of fruit and vegetables.
  9. It’s more complicated to clean.

Slow Masticating Juicer (Namawell)

Crushes, shapes and breaks fruits and vegetables to extract the juice.


  1. It’s slow.
  2. Juices last longer (do not oxidize easily)
  3. Almost no foam.
  4. More vibrant color, very close to the natural color of the fruit.
  5. Drier pulp, almost pure fiber and in little quantity.
  6. It extracts everything it can from the vegetables.
  7. Safe design, suitable for children.
  8. Smoother juice, no chunks or lumps.
  9. Easy to clean.

Try the Namawell using the code NAMAYOVANA at the time of purchase to receive a 10% DISCOUNT.

Green Juice Recipe


3 cups of pineapple
3 cups of spinach
3 cups of celery
2 cups of apple
2 lemons

A juicer like the Namawell will last you for a long time and it will be a benefit for you and your family, since you will be able to make and try new recipes like these homemade sorbets.
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I send you love and light,

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Connect with me and start your healthy lifestyle

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