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Three-Day Raw Vegan Meal Prep

Many of you are students who need to save money. You’ll be glad to hear it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, so you can be healthy AND save for that big backpacking trip! Here are three vegan meals you can make for around a dollar (or less) each!

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Even if you’re not raw vegan, try this three-day meal plan and see how great you feel. You don’t have to commit to going fully raw (or even fully vegan). Seriously, just take it a few days at a time. I don’t even always eat raw! Usually, half of what I eat is raw and half is cooked. But many days, especially in the summer, I go completely raw! Raw foods can help you feel amazing, super light, and energetic, and they help with digestion.

As you’re following this meal plan, keep in mind that it’s really easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Carry a water bottle with you and drink up to stay hydrated! Before and after each meal, drink a full glass of water.

If you still feel hungry or anxious but it’s not time for your next meal, go for a walk or meditate for a little while, and think about your reason for doing this meal prep. If you’re still hungry after doing all that, go ahead and eat an apple with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Ready?! Let’s do this! Get your free mini ebook below with the recipes for your three-day raw vegan meal prep! I can’t wait to hear how you feel after just a few days. And best of all, the meals you’ll be enjoying are delicious!



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Connect with me and start your healthy lifestyle

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