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Three Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

We’ve all been there! You decide you’re going to lose weight, and start exercising and eating super well. After a couple weeks, you step on the scale… and the numbers haven’t budged. There are three main reasons this happens, and I want to teach you how to overcome them all!

#1. Miscalculating Calories

Going to the gym and working out can be exhausting, making you think that you must have burned a TON of calories! At the same time, it’s super easy to think you’re eating fewer calories than you really are.

Both of these are problems with counting and calculating calories. To lose weight successfully, figure out exactly how many calories you’re burning so you can know exactly how much you can eat! For help with this, check out my video on calculating burned calories.

When you’re eating packaged food, don’t forget to read the packages. You also need to calculate the kind of calories you’re eating instead of thinking they’re all the same! All of the recipes on my channel have good, plant-based, low-fat calories that will help you lose weight.

#2. Stress

When you’re stressed or depressed, it’s so much harder to lose weight. It’s so important to minimize stress in your life! This doesn’t mean just putting a band-aid on it, though. You need to go to the root of the problem and make whatever changes it takes to release your stress and depression. This might mean allowing yourself to heal from past events, or changing certain stress-inducing parts of your life.

Meanwhile, when you get those anxious cravings for food, go ahead and eat! Skip the fatty junk foods, though, and go for something healthier instead. There are even some chocolate bars that you can indulge in without sabotaging your weight-loss journey.

You might find that you can distract yourself from those cravings by doing things like exercising, hanging out with friends, meditating, or enjoying an amazing cup of tea. Be mindful, acknowledge your feelings, and move forward in a positive direction.

#3. Discipline!

Not having discipline is a huge mistake that tons of people make! When you’re working on developing discipline, a simple tip is to treat yourself the way you’d treat other people. That means making appointments with yourself, and sticking to them. If you promised a friend that you’d meet her at the gym at 7, you’d show up, right?! Make the same promise and commitment to yourself!

Another way to stay disciplined is to break up your tasks into small pieces, and talk yourself into doing them by only committing to the first part. Instead of telling yourself you’ll exercise for an hour, just commit to doing it for five minutes. Chances are, after those five minutes, you’ll be up for another five minutes! Next thing you know, you’ve done your full workout.

If you don’t feel like you know where to start and what commitments to make to yourself, my 21-day weight-loss program is perfect for you. It explains exactly what to eat and what to do for exercise. It will also help you develop deep and lasting self-love, which is really what a healthy lifestyle is all about anyway!

Love you!



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