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Two Delicious Wrap Dressings

When you need to have lunch on the go, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying whatever sounds good at the time. Avoid that pitfall, save money, and make better health choices by making wraps to take with you! These delicious dressings will spice up any wrap or salad.

Serves 1

Lemon Tahini Dressing

1 tablespoon dill
2 lemons
2 Persian cucumbers
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon parsley
2 tablespoons tahini

Mince the dill. Juice the lemons, discarding the rind. Cut the cucumbers into blender-friendly chunks.
Put the dill, lemon juice, cucumber, and all of the other ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth. It’s that easy!

Sesame Soy Dressing

2 tablespoons soy sauce or liquid aminos
1 lemon
1/2 serrano pepper (optional)
1 teaspoon sesame seeds

Juice the lemon, discarding the rind.
Mix together lemon juice, soy sauce or liquid aminos, serrano pepper (optional), and sesame seeds, then use this on any wrap!

Wraps are a complete, compact, self-contained meal, so they’re perfect to take on the go! They’re perfect when you want something filling. You can also stuff them with a ton of veggies, so you get a lot of nutrition and you can use up whatever’s in your fridge, or in season. For two ideas for what to put in your wrap, check out my video! I encourage you to play around, though, and make your wraps with whatever veggies or fruits you love.

Ready for more delicious recipes? Rawvana’s Raw Recipes App brings them to the palm of your hand! It’s full of tons of amazing recipes for everything from dressings like these to smoothies and juices to main courses. It has over a hundred recipes, all of which are both delicious and healthful. It’s available for both Android and iOS.



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Connect with me and start your healthy lifestyle

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