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Vegan Meal Prep for $1.50 a Day

Vegan food is generally less expensive than animal products, but what if I told you it could be even cheaper than you might think? In this blog and the video that goes with it, I’ll show you exactly how I eat three vegan meals a day for around $1.50, including a complete shopping list with prices.

Ready?! Let’s do this!

Shopping List:

1.75 lbs oats: $1.38
8 bananas: $1.38
7 carrots: $1.13
5 potatoes: $0.98
4 zucchini: $1,54
7 tomatoes: $1.02
1 onion: $0.17
2 limes: $0.23
1 lb garbanzo beans: $1.39
1.5 lbs rice: $0.88
1.5 lbs pinto beans: $1.03
TOTAL: $11.23

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!

Create Your Meals!

Using 14 divided meal containers, create your week of lunches and dinners! Mix and match various components (baked potato strips, steamed veggies, tomato onion salsa, and oatmeal banana cookies) in each container, along with your cooked rice, pinto beans, and garbanzo beans.

Keep six of the meal containers in the fridge for the first three days, and put the other eight in the freezer. Put all of your bags of smoothie ingredients in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

Prep Instructions:

1. Wash all your veggies.
2. Cook all legumes and grains: pinto beans, garbanzo beans and rice.

Breakfast Smoothie
7 cups raw oats
7 bananas
3-4 carrots
Cinnamon powder to taste

Put 1 cup of raw oats into a resealable plastic bag and add one peeled banana. Repeat until you have seven bags. Add a carrot, broken into chunks, to three or four of the bags.
Place the bags into the freezer.
Each morning, pour the contents of one bag into your blender. Add two cups water and cinnamon to taste. Blend to create a delicious oatmeal banana smoothie!

Meal Component 1: Baked Potato Strips
5 potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
Garlic powder (optional)

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!

Meal component 2: Steamed Veggies
4 zucchini
3-4 carrots

Cut the zucchini and carrots into chunks.
Steam the zucchini and carrots until tender (but not mushy), testing regularly with a fork.

Meal component 3: Tomato Onion Salsa
7 tomatoes
1 onion

Dice your tomatoes and onion and place into a bowl.
Add the juice of two limes to the tomato onion mixture.
Gently mix the tomatoes and onions to evenly distribute the lime juice.

Meal component 4: Oatmeal Banana Cookies
1 banana
1 ¼ cups oats
Cinnamon powder to taste

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!

At first, these meals might sound less exciting than what you’re used to. But you’ll quickly find that your body will learn to love eating simply, and you’ll start to actually look forward to eating this way. This is great news, because eating simply is absolutely the healthiest way you can eat.

The fact that you can eat this way on around $1.50 a day (for three meals!) is just an added bonus! Eat delicious, simple food, only worry about cooking and prepping once a week, and eat on under $50 a month. What could be better than that?!

As always, please comment and let me know your thoughts! Your suggestions and feedback are super helpful and give me insight into what I should create next!



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