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Weight Loss Vegan Meal Prep

The beauty of a plant-based diet is that you can eat in abundance and still lose weight while being healthy. An important key to losing weight and staying lean is being prepared, which is exactly why we’re doing this weight loss meal prep!

I recommend doing your meal prep on Sundays so you have all your food ready for the week. Put on some music and prepare your food with good loving vibes! I bought these plastic containers, which I love because they’re light and they fit enough food for whole meals. You can find them here on AMAZON.


Ready?! Let’s do this!

This shopping list includes ingredients I bought for the week but does not include condiments that I had at home already.

Shopping List:

1 lb garbanzo beans: $1.17
1.3 lbs oat groats: $1.10
1 lb quinoa: $2.07
2 lbs frozen or canned peas: $1.23
½ lb brown rice: $0.69
Cayenne powder: $1.19
Cinnamon powder: $1.19
2 avocados: $1.54
5 limes: $1
2 cucumbers: $0.98
1 celery stalk (head): $1.49
4 sweet potatoes: $1.85
2 lbs Roma tomatoes: $1.43
1 red bell pepper: $0.69
2 papayas: $1.44
1 red cabbage: $1.17
4 carrots: $1.49
1 onion: $0.12
1 serrano pepper: $0.04
1 bunch of cilantro: $0.50
1 bunch of parsley: $0.50
5 lbs potatoes: $1.69
2 lbs bananas: $2.78
1 bag of spinach (from Costco): $3.99

TOTAL: $30.15

Prep Instructions:

  1. Wash all your fruits and veggies.
  2. Cook all legumes and grains: garbanzos, oats, peas, quinoa and brown rice.
  3. Bake the sweet potatoes and three normal potatoes at 350F. Pull out two of the sweet potatoes after about 20 minutes (while they’re still a bit firm), and continue baking the rest for a total of 35 minutes so they’re soft for mashing.


Breakfast Option 1 (3 days): Smoothie

3 cups cut papaya
2 bananas
Large handful of spinach
1 tbsp raw oats
1 celery rib

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!


Breakfast Option 2 (4 Days): Oatmeal

8 cups cooked oats (from “Prep Instructions”)
Cinnamon powder
Optional: coconut sugar
4 bananas

Add cinnamon powder and coconut sugar (optional) to taste to your oats.
Put 2 cups of oatmeal in a mason jar with 1 mashed banana.


Meal Option 1: Quinoa Salad

All cooked quinoa (from “Prep Instructions”)
2 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
½ red bell pepper
Handful of cilantro
¼ onion
Juice of 1 lime
Optional: cayenne powder
Optional: sea salt

Chop tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, cilantro and onion.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Add cayenne powder and sea salt to taste.


Meal Option 2: Fried Rice

All cooked rice (from “Prep Instructions”)
¼ purple cabbage
2 carrots
¼ onion
Handful of cilantro
Cayenne powder
Cinnamon powder

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!


Meal Option 3: Mashed Sweet Potatoes

3 sweet potatoes
3 cups cooked garbanzo beans
Handful of cilantro

Watch video for instructions


Meal Option 3-My Mom’s Pea Soup

My mom and I made a video about this last year! You can watch the recipe and method here.


Meal Option 4: Veggie Soup

¼ purple cabbage
½ bell pepper
1 tomato
2 carrots
4 cups chopped potatoes
Handful of cilantro
Lime juice
¼ onion
Cayenne powder

Watch the YouTube video for instructions!

You can mix and match these meals for lunch and dinner. It’s up to you whether to put a little bit of each recipe in each container, or eat them on their own. Add your greens or avocado right before eating each meal, because they might get soggy otherwise.

You can lose weight and obtain all the nutrients you need on a plant-based diet by eating a variety of plant foods. As you’ve seen eating healthy does not have to be expensive! It’s all about organizing your budget, your meals, buying in bulk and prepping everything beforehand.

Lose weight and save money. Sounds like a good combo, right?!

I really hope this video is helpful for you! Please let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, I truly appreciate it!



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