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Working Through Loss With Marco Regil

My dear, dear friend and brother-in-spirit, Marco Regil, is a TV host and public speaker. He’s passionate about personal growth, spirituality, empowerment, peace, animals, nature, cycling, and being vegan! Sadly, he just went through the very painful loss of his mother, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past 12 years.

Marco had the opportunity to say goodbye to his mother during the 14 days she was on morphine with no food or drink. In the video below, he shares the process he’s been going through since her passing. Here’s an overview of what he says, but watch the video to hear everything in more detail.

“When The Universe Takes Something Away From You, It Is Always Going To Offer Something Back In Exchange.” -Marco

Some of the things Marco has been feeling include:

  • SHOCK: This set in when the doctor said his mom couldn’t drink or eat anymore and it was a matter of days until her passing.
  • DENIAL: As you try to process the loss, you may find yourself pushing away the reality of what happened.
  • ANGER: This can manifest as anger at oneself or feeling susceptible to getting angry about anything. You may feel angry at the person who passed.
  • DEPRESSION: There might be a temptation to numb yourself with food, or to stop eating. You may lack energy or even have thoughts of suicide. Moving through this stage takes weeks for some people, years for others.
  • ACCEPTANCE & INNER PEACE: This starts showing up little by little.
  • SPIRITUAL LESSON: For a lot of people, pain and suffering are spiritual teachers because they wake you up. Nothing in life happens just because; there’s always a lesson to learn.
This process applies when you’re grieving any deep loss, not only that of your parents. When sadness comes, cry it out and open up. Talk about your loss and be open to receiving love from those around you, whether in person or on social media.
The grieving process will include shock, denial, anger, depression and, finally, acceptance and inner peace. Marco learned that his mom is no longer living outside of him, but inside of him. Focusing on thoughts like “Mom is happy,” and “Mom doesn’t have any more physical pain” have helped his suffering become less intense. He is now developing conversations with his mom and strengthening his spiritual connection with her.

If you have had a loss, know that any emotions that come up are normal and okay. Honor your feelings and emotions, whatever they may be.

If you’re grieving, please watch the video below for the full conversation with Marco as a reminder and reassurance that you’re not alone in this.



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